Denessa Hicks

Denessa’s story

denessa hicks placenta specialistDenessa’s interest in placenta encapsulation didn’t come until later. Two of her births had ended in severe postpartum hemorrhaging. This left her anemic, weak, and unable to care for her other children. To make her situation more complicated, she had given birth four times in less than four years. Her body was exhausted and recovery was even slower. When she learned about placenta encapsulation and how it could help (not to mention that she wasn’t pumping harmful chemicals into her body), Denessa was sold! When she experienced the restorative powers of the placenta for herself, Denessa believed that no new mother should have to struggle necessarily like she did. So Denessa decided to become a placenta encapsulation specialist!

Denessa has been married to her high school sweetheart for over ten years. She is a proud military wife and mother to four gorgeous children who are all less than 4 years apart (Yes! She gave birth FOUR times in less than FOUR years!).  When her children aren’t keeping her busy, she frequents local mom groups, works on various crochet projects, continues to further her education, and supports new and expecting mamas.


9am – 9pm