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Are you worried about what your postpartum experience will be like?

You’re pregnant and expecting the arrival of your little one. You are excited, and a little nervous, about the big day. You have prepared, taken childbirth classes, baby classes, and a hospital tour. But you’re worried about what your postpartum experience will be like. Will you be able to breastfeed? Will you experience postpartum depression / anxiety? How will you have the energy to do it all?

Now imagine entering motherhood with confidence, fortitude, and excitement!

Your placenta is your own perfect prescription for bringing balance and peace to your postpartum experience. Your placenta has restorative properties and high levels of nutrients including iron, B6, and pregnancy hormones. Just as it supported and nourished your baby, placenta can nourish you, the postpartum mother. Placenta consumption supports lactation, assists in the involution of the uterus, increases maternal energy, and eases the dramatic hormonal transitions of the postpartum period.

If you are hoping to ease into motherhood with energy, joy, and peace, placenta encapsulation may be for you!

NOVA Placenta Specialist Collective can help!

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