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Refresh Package

  • Placenta capsules
  • Cord keepsake
  • Your choice of preparation method
  • Same-day pickup*
  • Delivery within 72 hours
  • Postpartum and capsule guidebook
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Revitalize Package

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  • Renew Package PLUS
  • Choice of regular or berry flavored capsule
  • 2 Herbal Bath (3 total)
  • Salve designed to suit your needs: 1 oz Nursing Balm or 2 oz Placenta Salve
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Addon Items

$15 for 1, $25 for 2

Berry Flavored Capsules
northern virginia placentaWhat better way to get your placenta supplement than in a gelatin capsule that tastes and smells like a handful of fresh berries?
Placenta Prints
In addition to the medicinal uses, another way that we can bring back the tradition of honor and gratitude toward birth and the role of the placenta is to make artistically beautiful prints with it. The prints are unique imprints that display the size, shape and general appearance of the placenta and also remind us why the placenta is often referred to as “The Tree of Life.”
Postpartum Herbal Bath (2)
herbs copyCarefully handmade using organic and wildcrafted herbs, this healing satchel is designed to help tissue recovery after childbirth by healing the mother’s perineum and easing any aches. You can also enjoy this postpartum bath with your baby. Not only does it bring comfort and serenity to your newborn, but it also helps with umbilical cord care. Made with organic shepherd’s purse, organic comfrey leaf, organic witch hazel bark, organic yarrow leaf and flower, and organic chamomile flowers.

Luxury Addon Items

$35 for 1, $60 for 2

Placenta Tincture
tinctureThe placenta tincture is another way to reap the benefits from the placenta in addition to capsules. Tinctures are mainly used for energy, transition, stress, and hormone stabilization. They are great for returning menstrual cycles, menopause, and even puberty. The biological mother and daughter of the birthing mom can also benefit from the tincture, and it has almost an indefinite shelf life if stored properly. Mom may also give the tincture to a baby older than 6 months for teething and transition. The tincture is made from a walnut size piece of raw placenta and Everclear, aged for 6 weeks, and then strained. It should be stored in a glass dropper bottle, which will be provided to you.
Placenta Salve
The placenta salve has many uses. It is used to heal cesarean section incisions after the wound is closed and can lessen scarring, itching, and discomfort. The salve can also be used as soon as three days postpartum for hemorrhoids, perineal tearing, burns, diaper rashes, eczema, sun burns, and skin irritations. It is safe for your baby as long as the baby has no skin allergies. The salve will be created first, using high quality organic oils and body butters. The salve is then infused with the placenta for several hours. Once completed, it will be strained of any placenta particles, leaving behind a smooth and creamy healing salve.
Nursing Balm

A luxuriously creamy balm, it is designed to spread over sensitive nursing nipples effortlessly. Made with organic hypoallergenic ingredients, it will sooth and restore your skin and is safe for your little one (please make sure your child does not have any allergies, and as always, consult with your lactation consultant.

Smoothie Drops
IMG_3877 copyRaw, frozen placenta pieces for use in daily smoothies. Recommended consumption daily for the first two weeks postpartum or longer. Placenta is frozen into pleasing molds and blends well into any fruit smoothie – no ick factor here! 10 Drops